cloud interconnect

Cloud Interconnect is a direct, private connection for extending corporate network to Google Cloud

Google’s Cloud Interconnect is an option to enable companies to extend their data center network in to Google cloud as part of hybrid cloud deployment.

What you need to do is choose an Interconnect Type either dedicated connection (Dedicated Interconnect) or use a service provider (Partner Interconnect) that suits you to connect to Google’s VPC networks.

Let’s say when you choose a dedicated interconnect, it’s nothing but you have 10Gbps pipe directly connected to a Google location via this cloud interconnect.

Google already has dedicated interconnect locations. You can view the list of these colocation facilities using the following gcloud command.

Dedicated Interconnect Vs Partner Interconnect

When you have high bandwidth connections requirements like minimum 10Gbps then dedicated interconnect can be cost-effective solution.

If you don’t require high bandwidth connections, then Partner Interconnect has various capacity options (50 Mbps – 10 Gbps) to suit your connections requirements. Also, if your network can’t physically meet Google’s network in the listed locations above then you can go for this option to reach VPC networks.

Create or Provision Cloud Interconnect Connection

  • For procedure to create or provision dedicated interconnect connection, please click here
  • For procedure to create or provision partner interconnect connection, please click here

Benefits of Cloud Interconnect

  • Network traffic between on-premises network and VPC network does not traverse through public internet as the traffic traverse through a dedicated connection. So your traffic takes fewer hops, so there is less chance that your traffic might be dropped.
  • You can access VPC network’s internal IP addresses directly and there is no need of VPN tunnels to reach internal IP addresses.
  • Cloud interconnect is the cost effective solution if you have high-volume of traffic to and from Google’s VPC network.

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