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Is it possible to change Google Cloud Platform Project ID ?

Are you exploring google cloud platform free tier and wondering whether it is possible to change Google Cloud Platform Project ID ? Let’s see some details about GCP Project and Project ID and understand whether it is possible to do or not.

Change Google Cloud Platform Project ID

First, you should understand that Google Cloud Project is the basis or underlying process required for creating, enabling and using all Google Cloud services and resources on the GCP platform.

Project Name: 

Project name is the human readable name of your GCP Project. Note, this project name is not used by any of the Google Cloud Services. Hence, you can edit the project name at any time during project creation or even after the project is created. And project names need not be unique.

Project ID:

On the other hand, Project ID is a customizable unique identifier for your GCP project. But Project ID should be unique and can be assigned by user. Note, Project ID will be used by all Google Cloud services and if you did not specify the Project ID, it will be automatically created by GCP.

The project ID should be a unique string of 6 to 30 lowercase letters, digits, or hyphens. It should start with a letter, and cannot have a trailing hyphen. Note, you cannot change a project ID once it has been created. Also, you cannot re-use a project ID which is in use already or the one that has been used for a project that has been deleted.

Therefore, you cannot change the Project ID on Google Cloud Platform. But you have an option to choose custom domain (, in that case Project ID is something should be known internally for GCP and trying to change them by some means will have an impact to your project.


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