Visual Studio Code change Terminal from powershell to cmd

This tutorial guides you how to change Visual Studio Code Terminal from powershell to cmd (command prompt).

Visual Studio Code Terminal – powershell to cmd

You might want to change Visual Studio Code Terminal from powershell to cmd.exe as you might be facing problems with commands not working with powershell from visual studio code.

The following are the steps you need to follow to switch to cmd.

First, hit Ctrl + Shift + P  to show all commands

Then, type “shell” in the text box to search/filter commands as shown below

visual studio code powershell cmd

Then, select “Terminal: Select Default Shell” from the results. Once you had selected this option you would be prompted with “Select your preferred terminal shell, you can change this later in your settings” as shown below.

preferred terminal cmd

Then select “Command Prompt C:\windows\System32\cmd.exe” option. That’s it.

Now you can see “1:cmd” under Terminal tab. You could open new terminal using plus “+” icon.

visual studio code terminal cmd

Hope this suggested steps helped.

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