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Solved conditional formatting formula or rules copy-paste issue in Microsoft excel

Microsoft Excel had problems while copying conditional formatting formula or rules from one cell to another cells since Excel 2007. This article explains you a workaround to solve this issue.


To understand the problem let’s take an example. Please refer the below excel screenshot.

conditional formatting gmail

When you use rules and formula in conditional formatting of a cell and copy that formatting to another cell it will copy the formula values (Rule1 Formula Values– “SUM($A$1:$B$1)>=10“) as it is instead of copying them as “SUM($A$2:$B$2)>=10” resulting in wrong results as shown. Ideally “C2” cell should be in red colour as per our formatting but it is not.

Solution: Conditional Formatting copy-paste issue

The workaround for this problem is before you copy the conditional formatting from one cell to another cell change your formula value from “SUM($A$1:$B$1)>=10” to “SUM($A1:$B1)>=10” i.e., try to use only $A1 instead $A$1, then do copy-paste. That’s it, now you can copy this conditional formatting to any number of cells and it will provide correct results as expected as shown below.

conditional formatting gmail

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