Webcasting with HD Camcorder using EasyCap

We had gone through in another blog how we can do live streaming for any events like Birthday party, Marriage Event etc., using amazon EC2 and Adobe Media Server. Do you need to use your own HD Camcorder like Sony HD Camcorder, to capture video source and connect to Flash Media Server (FMS) URL in Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder as shown in figure below and start streaming to FMS server instance running in the amazon cloud. But such Camcorder does not have USB streaming capability then how to solve this problem?


You can use EasyCap to capture high quality audio/video as a connection interface. This connection interface is helping us a lot to do live streaming with HD Camcorders. Hope this is very useful information to people who would like to stream their own events for their beloved one’s who are staying away. Happy Webcasting!!! 🙂

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