ubuntu screen resize issue

Ubuntu screen resize issue in Oracle VM VirtualBox

You may observe Ubuntu screen resize issue while installing Ubuntu virtual machine (VM) in Oracle VM VirtualBox manager. Your screen may look small or it stays the same standard size even after the reboot like shown below. Solve ubuntu screen… Read More!

vmware cloud infrastructure

Compute Resources for VMware vSphere Cloud Infrastructure

This article explains on how to estimate required number for VMware ESXi hosts to setup your own VMware vSphere cloud infrastructure. To determine the required number of VMware ESXi hosts that is needed to consolidate virtualization candidates, performance and utilization… Read More!

How to install Operating System in the VMware ESXi server using vSphere Client

You can install a guest operating system from a CD-ROM or from an ISO image. Installing from an ISO image is typically faster and more convenient than a CD-ROM installation. Prerequisites: Verify that the installation ISO image file is present… Read More!