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WSO2 Connection #0 to host localhost left intact

After creating and deploying your micro services using WSO2 MSF4J, when you send API requests (formed as per URI-Template defined while creating endpoint) using REST client like curl, you might see following API response “Connection #0 to host localhost left intact

Note, in the API response you could observe something like “Connection #0 to host left intact ” after the response or between the response

Why the connection is left intact ?

The connection is left intact, because the server allowed it to stay open and CURL no need to close it after you receive the response for the request sent. That’s why the requests return ‘Connection: keep-alive‘ headers when you expect ‘Connection:close

If you wanted to close the connection, then you could send CURL request with ‘Connection: close‘ as shown below and you could see ‘* Closing connection 0‘ in the response.

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