Golang Project Structure [For Beginners]

This tutorial demonstrates on how to organize your Golang project structure in a specific way, so that you could develop a simple Go package and Go command on your own using go tool (Command go) later.

Go Project Structure

Keep all your Go code in a single workspace. A workspace directory looks like the following (screenshot from Visual Studio Code editor).


The above Golang project structure shows a workspace containing two git repositories (github.com/golang/example/, golang.org/x/image/), one command (hello.exe) and one library (stringUtil).

So a typical Go workspace contains many source repositories which contains many packages and commands.

GOPATH environment Variable

The GOPATH environment variable used to specify the location of your workspace (i.e., E:\Sneppets\goSampleWorkspace).


The command go env GOPATH  prints the currect effective GOPATH

E:\Sneppets\goSampleWorkspace>go env GOPATH

Please ensure you download and install Go and set PATH  environment variable. I had installed GO in the following path C:\Go\bin which is different than the project/workspace path  and added this path value in the PATH environment variable.



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